Niedermueller Attorneys not affected.

Extraordinary circumstances have hit Europe and most Governments have imposed severe but necessary measures in combating the spreading of the Corona Virus. Besides the health issues the situation has a severe effect on a large number of businesses which were obliged to shut down by order of the authorities.

Also the Liechtenstein Government imposed severe restrictions of the daily social and business life and have ordered the shut down of several businesses. We support these measures as we consider them absolutely necessary to prevent that a situation similar to Italy and Spain can occur in Liechtenstein and the surrounding region.

Please take note that our office is not affected and we continue to provide our services. However we have imposed own restrictions and do not hold personal meetings until 31 March. Any meeting will be conducted via conference call or virtual meeting. Also we are ready in case of any deterioration of the situation.

We will provide you with a regular update in case of change of circumstances.